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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Everyone thinks Karlie Kloss' New perfume Bottle looks like a sex Toy

Carolina Herrera's House of Herrera released a new video promoting Karlie Kloss' "Good Girl" perfume, but the internet quickly jumped on the fact that the packaging doesn't promote the idea of a good girl at all...
Long story short: Everyone thinks the bottle looks like a dildo.
Commenters did not hold back on their opinions regarding the "sex toy" fragrance. One person kept it straight, writing, "That is a vibrator, not perfume," while another person asked the obvious question, "Who approved this design?"

 Everyone thinks Karlie Kloss' New perfume Bottle looks like a sex Toy
Needless to say, the video and accompanying post has since been deleted.

In all fairness, however, if you look at the actual perfume bottle, it's really not all that reminiscent of a sex toy.

Macy's sells the fragrance, and the bottle is actually designed like the House of Herrera's classic a black stiletto heel. And if you're still wondering who approved the design, it was Caroline Herrera herself...she's even dished details about the motivation behind it!

 Everyone thinks Karlie Kloss' New perfume Bottle looks like a sex Toy

"I wanted an object of feminine power," she explained earlier this year. "All women, every single one of us, have this duality. We're not just one-note, or have one talent, or one personality. I wanted to use the shape of the bottle to represent and empower women."

Well, depending how you look at it, it's still empowering...LOL!

Watch the video here :

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