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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Overview 2015 : Most surprising and amazing celebrity couple of this year

Overview 2015 : Most surprising and amazing celebrity couple of this year

Love was still in the air in 2015.
And the only thing better than a celebrity falling in love is when he or she falls in love with another celebrity. Lucky for us, 2015—for all its splits—was also chock-full of famous pairings, particularly ones we would never expect. 
From the surprise coupling of hip-hop star Drake and tennis champion Serena Williams to the whirlwind romance between country crooner Blake Shelton and his fellow The Voice judge Gwen Stefanithe last 12 months have witnessed countless shooting arrows coming from Cupid's bow. 
Here are the 2015 celebrity couples that took the world by storm this year—and here's hoping they last into 2016 and beyond.

Overview 2015 : Most surprising and amazing celebrity couple of this year

While they have been romantically linked since 2012, Drake and Serena surprisingly finally stepped out as a romantic pair in 2015 when the lovebirds were caught making out in late August.
Since then, they've been at each other's sides for all of their most important moments, including the opening of Drake's restaurant, Serena's debut at New York Fashion Week and her challenging year on the court.
"Serena and Drake are indeed a couple," a source told E! News in late September. "Drake and Serena have been spending more time together over the past few busy weeks. They have both been there for each other during really important times in their life...Drake is a really great support system for Serena and also Serena is for Drake."
With almost five months together already in the books, this appears to be more than just a Hollywood tryst. Here's to hoping it turns into a romantic grand slam win off the court. 

Overview 2015 : Most surprising and amazing celebrity couple of this year

First comes love then comes baby for this shocking twosome.
Art seemed to imitate life this year for Benjamin McKenzie and Morena Baccarin after E! News learned in late September that they were not only dating, but also expecting their first child together.
After Baccarin's rep confirmed their baby news to E!, the Gotham co-stars began appearing at each other's sides on nearly every red carpet occasion.
McKenzie has famously kept his dating life extremely private, so the news of a relationship and a baby was every bit of a surprise. Still, we can't wait to meet this beautiful couple's firstborn in 2016! 

Overview 2015 : Most surprising and amazing celebrity couple of this year

For this next couple, we can't imagine a better pairing of impeccable genes.
News of Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk's coupling arrived in early May when the couple was spotted canoodling in New York City before a late-night showing of Broadway's Hamilton. The stunning pair was photographed in the middle of a steamy makeout on the street in the Big Apple, confirming to all that the chemistry between them was truly heating up. 
This was particularly surprising considering Cooper had just split with his former girlfriend of two years, Suki Waterhouse, while Shayk and her former boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo had recently broken up after a whopping five years together.  
Since the sighting, a source confirmed to E! News they had become an exclusive couple, traveling internationally together and even meeting Bradley's mother, Gloria Campano. 
According to a source, the Joy actor and supermodel will most likely spend Christmas and New Year's with Campano on the East Coast. While a Christmas engagement is highly unlikely, the source added that they have discussed marriage and babies for later down the line. 

Overview 2015 : Most surprising and amazing celebrity couple of this year

It was music to our ears to finally confirm in May that the young and hot Bella Hadid and The Weeknd were officially dating. 
The Grammy-nominated singer and 19-year-old It-girl model sparked rumors of an emerging fling after flirting with each other at Coachella. 
"They had met each other before Coachella, but that's where they really clicked. It's still new," a source told E! News in May. 
Since their initial sparks, the pair have hit the town together on more than one occasion. The Weeknd supported his gal during New York Fashion Week, appearing in the front row during her appearance on the Diane von Furstenberg runway. Hadid returned the favor, starring in his highly anticipated music video for his chart-topping track "In The Night."
These two certainly take the cake for 2015's trendiest twosome.

Overview 2015 : Most surprising and amazing celebrity couple of this year

For the final and most surprising celebrity duo on our list, the Internet nearly exploded when Gwen and Blake confirmed they were dating after filing for divorce from their significant others just a few months prior.
The Voice judges initially grabbed our attention as a potential pairing when Blake was photographed getting touchy with the blond bombshell, putting a hand on Gwen's bum at Adam Levine's Halloween party.
The following week, they made it official. Blake's rep confirmed to E! News right before he set foot on the CMA Awards red carpet that the two are officially a couple. 
While they initially seemed to be polar opposites in the music industry, as the saying goes—opposites clearly attract. 
Don't expect this to be a passing fling, either. Sources later told E! News Stefani has "found love again" with Blake since her divorce from Gavin Rossdale after 13 years of marriage. 
We can't wait to watch that love continue to blossom in 2016.

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