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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Lala Kent: Best Instagram Pics of Vanderpump Rules' Newest Star

If you've been watching Vanderpump Rules Season 4, then you know that a new SUR girl has accomplished the remarkable feat of stealing center stage from Scheana, Jax, and even Kristen's crazy ass.
Though she's only appeared in a few episodes thus far, Lala Kent has already made it clear that she intends to stick around a lot longer than the ill-fated Vail Bloom by positioning herself at the center of the drama, rather than sitting back and observing the SUR-cus like a sane outsider.
She's demonstrated a remarkable ability to manipulate each of her co-workers - flirting with Jax, winning over the girls with a righteous display of feminist outrage, and appealing to Lisa's motherly instincts.
Sadly, her Instagram shows that Lala's dalliance with world-class douche James Kennedy is no fleeting affair, as his smug smirk pops up in just about every other selfie.
Sigh. Nobody's perfect. But as you can see from the pics below, Lala's body is damn close...

1. Lala Kent Modeling Photo

Like just about everyone else who works at SUR, Lala is an aspiring model. Unlike most of her co-workers, she actually books gigs.

2. Lala Kent: Nude By the Pool

Lala's not exactly the shy type. She's a master of posting nude pics that are JUST barely Instagram-friendly.

3. Lala Kent Butt Photo

Like we said, Lala's not the shy type. Here she is lounging around at home.

4. Lala Kent and James Kennedy

We warned you! Lala and James are still an item. We're sure she'll come to her senses eventually.

5. Lala Kent and Scheana Marie

Who would have guessed these two would wind up being friends? Lala is quite the charmer.

6. Lala Kent and James Kennedy: AGAIN!

Hey did we mention James pops up a lot on Lala's social media pages? You may have a stage clinger on your hands, girl.

Watch the video here :

Source :   http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/slideshows/lala-kent-best-instagram-pics-of-vanderpump-rules-newest-star/


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